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AHF Poland offers free and confidential rapid HIV testing, counseling and advice for all who need it. Tests are performed by qualified HIV testing counsellors using the most advanced rapid testing technology. Everyone is welcome! Our main site is in Lublin.

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Free and anonymous HIV self-testing kits delivered to you, wherever you are in Poland. So you know your status without the need to go to the doctor’s or testing center.

How to order? Message us on WhatsApp or Telegram at: +48793258415.

After you answer a few simple questions and indicate “Paczkomat” you want the test to be sent to, you will receive a free self-testing kit with a full instruction within a few days. You can do the test yourself or ask for our assistance on the phone, too. And we are always here for you to talk to you about your result and what to do with it (no matter if it is negative or positive).

AHF Poland


Monday - Friday, 10.00 - 18.00


HIV Basics

Knowledge is power. Learn basic facts about HIV, including about how it spreads, how to protect yourself, and how to live an active and productive life in the event of a positive test result.


Learn more about how HIV testing is carried out, be more confident and dismiss any doubts or fears. Testing is free, confidential, and you will receive the result in 15 minutes.

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For more information, please contact us on WhatsApp, AHF Poland email, on Facebook @AHFPolandand or Instagram: @ahfpoland to inquire. 

Confidentiality: Please note that although our testing service is anonymous, your name or other identifying information might be displayed when you contact us. Rest assured we will not retain this information without your agreement, and you will not have to give us your name to test.